From 2009 Onwards

Shown here are a selection of works created over the past five years using Linen Clay and Jesmonite:

The young Bucephalus, 50cms x 75 cms was then cast in bronze before the original was sold:

Chiron the Centaur has now gained a partner:

Two new pieces were collected from the foundry on April 12th 2012 and are currently on display in the Perelada Exhibition. They are shown below.

Trust ("Fe Cega" in Catalan):


In 2013 a large number of pieces were completed. One of them was "My Beloved":

For the 2014 exhibition season Jan has prepared a large number of new sculptures. A selection of the new work is shown below.

The Girl with the Pearl Earing:

Flying Without Wings:

The Sunworshippper:


La Mandragore

The Young Perseus:

For the Autumn 2016 Exhibition at the Palais de Congress, Perpignan, Jan has created several new works. Four are shown here:

The Chase (a large work involving three horses)

For the 2017 Sculpture Symposium at St Genis de Fontains, Jan created the following works:


La Luna Secunda, and following, her lover, Endymion.

And two Ladies of Venice:

Four new works, produced this summer, 2019, will be presented at St Genis from Friday 2nd August.

La Dona Venetiana



China Doll