A small selection of Jan's paintings.

With the exception of the mural which is acrylic on plasterwork, all paintings are acrylic on canvas; herewith a representative selection of Jan's work. Sizes are shown in centimetres, L x H.

Apples and Pears
115cm x 80cm

Three Green Apples (Tryptich)
60cm x 80cm each (180cm x 80cm in total)
(sold: in private collection)

Pears (sold: in private collection)
80cm x 120cm

150cm x 50cm

Camellia Japonica (sold)
90cm x 130cm

115cm x 80cm

130cm x 80cm

Costa Brava - Mural
Detail of a larger work in house interior

Oliver Soler de Bievre
90 x 90cm (in private collection)

"Young Nude" 100cm x 100cm

"Asleep" 80cm x 200cm (sold)

"Sue" 120cm x 100cm (sold)

"James 'Bobby' Bond" 50cms x 80cm (in private collection)

"Christian" 100cm x 100cm (in private collection)

"Flamenco in Red" 100cm x 200cm (sold)

"Flamenco Dancer" 80cm x 100cm (sold)