Firstly, our source of clay: Louis-Eric SOLANO who owns
SOLARGIL S.A. in France (for more information, ) and who actually delivers his clay to us in Catalunia, Spain. An excellent product !

Secondly, Senyora Aagels-Bosch, the ceremista, who runs the kiln in Figueras, and who has fired many pieces of ours.

Thirdly: after many years of having sculptures cast by Barberi SL., as of February 15th 2010 we have severed all contact with this firm, and now use the Artistic Foundry of FAR SL., located in the Polygon Industrial (south) of Girona. See note on news page.

Our Catalan, Spanish, and French friends who assist with translations and help our dealings with the international community.

And finally, a dedication to Freda Skinner, that great sculptress, who started me on my own lifetime of sculpting, and to whom I owe more than I can ever say.